About us

Welcome to our homepage.
Suzuhiro Forklift Co.,Ltd. is one of the oldest forklift dealer in the central Japan.

We have more than 35 years of experience and are located in Toyota city, Aich prefecture.
More than 400 stocks, we do everything about Forklifts such as sell, buy-out, rental, inspection and maintain. We are the forklift specialists.
We are eager to serve as business partner of customers, and we all help customers from bottom of our heart.
Consult everything about Forklifts.



We inspect and  maintain forklift with reasonable price.
Thanks to customers that we got No.1 evaluation of Forklift Sub-dealer reliability.
We suggest you the suitable forklifts that helps your job and use it for a long time as your reliable partner.
Suzuhiro Forklift have stocks that are suitable for your workplaces from new to used forklifts!



We buyout customer’s important Forklifts at expensive price! We have been Forklift’s specialists for over 35 years, and we have good maintenance and stable sales channels.

We would like to take care everything even if your forklift is not moving.

That is why we can buyout as high price as possible.
Please, consult with us.



Founding of Suzuhiro Forklift is a rental.

We can accept from short-term such as one day to long-term that is more than 6 months.

For the long term rental, we inspect monthly and maintain whenever it happened.

It’s the reliable for heavy users. You can select Forklift that is suitable for customer’s demand from wide line up.


Inspection and Maintenance

For every stock we have, we do annual inspection. It’s ready to go all the time.
We have Well-experienced specialist staffs so don’t worry. It’s the best quality at the best time.
In case it is necessary to repair, our company maintain sufficiently, too.
So you can always use Forklifts securely.


Company Profile

Entrust Forklifts to us.

  • Whether it is good for customers
  • Whether it is good for our company
  • Whether it is good for society


We have this ”Good for three ways” as basic policy.
And we have been working as company of Forklift’s specialists for 30 years.
”Good for three ways” means business spirit that Old Japanese merchants used to value.
They have continued to provide products that please many people without only getting their own profit.
And they contributed to society very much, for example they built bridges and schools after they earned profit.

Hope for success of Suzuhiro Forklift that challenges and develops with sprit of ”Good for three ways”.


Campany name Suzuhiro Forklift Co.、Ltd.
Representative Hironobu Suzuki
Address 7-12 Hirakute-cho, Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, 471-0036
Tel 0565-32-6860
FAX 0565-32-6869
Mail info@suzuhiro.co.jp
Business content Selling new lift and used lift of Forklifts
Rental, Lease
Legal inspection・repairing
Production and selling of NOBIMAX
Inbound marketing business
Capital 30,000,000 yen
Affiliated companies Suzuhiro-Syoten Co.、Ltd.
BATTERY-BANK Systems Co.、Ltd.


7-12 Hirakute-cho, Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, 471-0036

TEL 0565-32-6860

FAX 0565-32-6869

Reception time Weekdays / 8:30 - 17:30
Saturday / 8:30 - 12:00